So in an occasional feature of one, here is your update on celebrity pugs: Nicola from Girls Aloud has TWO new pugly puppies. They are so cute that SHE CANNOT BEAR TO BE PARTED FROM THEM. As evidenced in this story from the Daily Mail (hisss, booo etc etc but still I read their gossip pages, THE SHAME). Apparently their names are Ronnie and Reggie because of their destructive tendencies and East End accents. (N.B. one of those reasons may be fabricated.)

What is even better/totally tragic and devastating (depending on your level of cynicism/pug affection) is that in Googling this story (read it a while ago, just blogging it now) I discovered this touching tribute video to Nicola’s previous pug, Elvis. Sample YouTube comment: ‘I loved Elvis and i still do I have a picture of Nicola and him it makes me cry watching this’. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…!