… some cushions made out of this seriously, mind bogglingly fabulous Alexander Henry ‘pin up’ series of fabrics:


(‘Ready for Action’)

DM and I went for a browse in Spitalfields and surrounding markets at the weekend and someone was selling cushion covers like this for £10 each: obviously my mean spirit/lust for a bargain kicked in as I decided that I could make them myself. Unfortunately AH is an American company so looks like I will be ordering off ebay (how much money will I really save, I wonder? But I don’t like to buy things that I feel I could do on my own.) But seriously. Have you ever seen anything more completely fabulous and delightful?

The other good thing I am contemplating at the moment is something I definitely couldn’t make myself: these pug wall graphics which I saw in Supernice on the Columbia Road.

Again – I want them – but they don’t *really* go with my bedroom. Nor do the hunk pillows, come to that, but some things are too imperatively wonderful to be resisted. And as much as I like the pug stickers, I am not quite sure that the same goes for them.